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iPhone 6, 7 Ringtones Download Remix Mp3 for Android, iPhone Ringtone Maker provides the all-in-one solution. With this tool, you can create your own ringtones from all popular videos and audios, transfer them to Phone directly. Moreover, Tipard Ringtone Maker enables you to convert concert recordings, MTV albums, and all popular DVDs to your iPhone ringtones. Furthermore, it can also trim video/audio/DVD to get the segment and make it as your ringtone. This site will also guide you how to get free ringtones for iPhone.

iPhone Ringtones Download

  • A powerful and professional ringtone maker tool
  • Convert video/audio/DVD to iPhone M4R ringtones
  • Custom your iPhone ringtones easily
  • Rename or Remove ringtone from iPhone
  • Support iPhone 3G

iPhone Ringtones Download

iPhone 7 and 7 Plus has finally released for the world. Everybody is looking forward to getting hands-on on this iPhones. iPhone 7 is the best iPhone Apple created. It has a new camera with an innovative dual lens, particularly on iPhone 7 plus.

The headphone jack is also missing on this generation iPhones, and we already knew about this before the launch of iPhone 7 if you didn’t know about this then do not worry you are not alone.

With lots of great things in a smartphone, the pricing of the new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is going to be very high. You might want to sell one of your kidneys if you are broke.

Well, we are not here to talk about the pricing or anything related to the reviews of iPhone 7. iPhone has lots of free ringtones, but there is always one or two ringtone which every iPhone user set it as their ringtone.

So when you are in public places and an iPhone rang, and you cannot know who’s phone is ringing because you and hundreds of other iPhone user are also using the same ringtone. This situation is very awkward sometimes.

So that means you have to change your tone or the other person. But you cannot just tell the other person to change his/her ringtone, so it’s you who is going to modify the tone.

Many ringtones are already available on iPhone 6 and 6S in which all the goods one are acquired by someone else. But don’t worry you can get other awesome iPhone 7 ringtones from many sites on the internet. These tones are unique, and you will not face those awkward situations when two or more person are using the same sound.

We have also make a guide on how to make iPhone ringtones. Do check it.

iPhone 6 ringtones

Here is some websites name where you can get iPhone 7 and 7 Plus ringtones: You can follow below sites on how to download ringtones to iPhone. 

1. Zedge.net– Zedge is not a single site for ringtones. It also has wallpapers and themes. In the tone section, you will find lots of fresh and unique ringtones. There are songs ringtones in zedge for your iPhone 5 as well. You can quickly search according to what type of song ringtone you want. Such categories are classical, rock, pop, and country, etc. You can easily download any ringtone on your computer or your Apple device. You can also scan mail or scan QR code. Zedge is a cool website if you want new sounding tones.

2. Mob.org – This is a great website to get thousands of free ringtones which are of high quality. You will get lots of awesome ringtones here. You can also get songs ringtones, and there is a section in mob.org ringtones in which you can select genres and artist to get your favorite ringtones. You can download games, wallpapers, and themes as well on this website.

3. Mobileringtones.com – another great website to get all the iPhone 6 ringtones. There is a broad range of ringtones available on this site. You can even have a preview by listening to the ringtone before downloading it. Beside that you can manually select in which format you want to download your ringtones like in mp3 or M4R format. There is also an app available for this website.

4. Freetone.org– this site has all the features and other stuff presents on other sites that I’ve mentioned above. You can preview ringtones and download them directly on your PC. You can even rate tones that you like or share it on your social networking sites. You cannot download ringtones directly on your iPhone 7 that feature is not implemented yet. You have to use PC to download ringtones.

5. Mobcup.net –If you want high-quality tones then you should try this website. You can choose whether you want to download the ringtones in mp3 or M4R format. For your information mP3 is better than M4R. You can select categories of what type of tones you want.

So you can now get lots of unique tones and, you will not face any situation where someone else is using the same ringtone as yours. It would be a mother of coincidence. 

Top 4 reasons with Tipard iPhone Ringtone Maker in your cart

Make iPhone M4R ringtone from any music you like 

Any music can be converted to M4R format as with this iPhone ringtone converter, due to the high support for audio formats including MP3, WMA, WAV, RA, M4A, AAC, AC3, OGG, etc.

Also make, create, convert ringtones from videos
This tool can help you make iPhone 7 ringtones from any video formats like AVI, MPEG, WMV, DivX, MP4, H.264/AVC, AVCHD, MKV, RM, MOV, XviD, 3GP, etc.

Rip DVD to iPhone ringtone
It also allows you to rip audios as your iPhone 6 ringtones from any DVD file.

Convert several files at one time
To save your time and energy, It has the ability to convert multiple files to iPhone M4R ringtones simultaneously.

Convert music purchased from iTunes to iPhone ringtone
With this tool, you can even convert the protected music purchased from iTunes store to M4R ringtone for your iPhone 5 and iPhone 3G.

Easy to handle the ringtone making process

This tool owns so terse interface and so sound design that you can make Apple iPhone free ringtones in just two steps: add a file and then convert it.

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